The transition towards a way of life that fits within the planet’s limits requires more than technological solutions that promote sustainability breakthroughs. All this – knowledge, inclusion and creativity – is our core competence.

How do we do it?

What if the solutions to the biggest problems of our time, such as climate change, are hidden away in research papers that no one understands? This realisation led to the creation of Kaskas, a specialist in science communication, in 2013. Today, Kaskas has more than twenty employees working on a broad range of sustainability issues for companies, central government, universities, organisations and foundations.

Strategy and analysis

We unearth, analyse, summarise and visualise data to maximise the impact of our clients’ activities.

Creative solutions

It’s hard to make people go wild with just graphs or forecasts. We produce creative results that engage audiences and encourage action.

Inclusion and interaction

We bring relevant and unexpected parties together to create understanding. We work hard to make sure that when decisions are made, the voices of those who are easily sidelined are also heard.

Partnering with us creates moments of insight.

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If you would like to join our team, please send an open application to our Chief Operating Officer:

Laura Tahkokallio

Kaskas as a workplace

Our work is based on three values:

Joy: Even though we work on serious issues, we approach each other, our clients and the world with optimism and positivity – and a sense of humour.

Ambition: We set the bar high when it comes to the quality and impact of our work. It means asking the right questions, challenging ourselves and our clients, stopping to think about difficult issues and the desire to learn new things all the time.

Kindness: Kindness is displayed through warmth and situational awareness. We recognise people’s different life situations and backgrounds and take these factors into account in our leadership, as colleagues and as consultants.