Iconic Music & Media rebrands as a foresight forum for creative industries using music

Kaskas created a brand strategy for the Music & Media event and a visual identity that conveys diversity and is easy to use.

Name of the client: Music x Media

Client’s needs

Finland’s creative industry was on the brink of something new when the pandemic came along and made it difficult to make a living. Instead of making the decision to close down, the change prompted the Music & Media event, which has served the Finnish music industry for more than 30 years, to renew itself and grow so that it would be better able to serve the creative industries and their consumers. Several studies carried out by the public sector also highlighted the need for multidisciplinary cooperation.

Music & Media decided to gather various creative industries that use music in their work together by offering a forum for shared discussion to help strengthen a sense of togetherness and create better quality stories and experiences. The idea was to invite creative industries professionals to the growing event to learn and be inspired, to set an international example and to start dialogue with decision-makers on the importance of the creative industries for both the economy and people’s wellbeing. Music & Media also decided to grow from a two-day event to a four-day one that would also serve the TV, film, games and advertising industries.

To support the growing event, Music & Media needed a brand strategy to encourage increased engagement with both existing and new stakeholders and to serve them better. Music & Media also needed a visual identity to represent its new brand, a launch plan for the brand and ways to reach new audiences with the help of paid visibility on social media.

What we did

To ensure the success of the brand strategy work, it was essential for Kaskas to understand what actually connected the creative industries and create a natural way for Music & Media to address new audiences. We benchmarked international networking and showcase events in the music and creative industries and conducted several background interviews with both existing and new audience influencers.

We held a workshop with the Board of Music & Media in which new objectives, target groups and indicators of success were defined. We also specified the values and core messages of Music & Media and constructed a purpose for the event.

Based on the strategy work, we created an attractive visual identity for the rebranded event that reflected the values of the growing event: future forward, inclusion, boldness and creativity.

How did it go?

As a result of the work Music x Media was created. Music x Media aims to be a professional event that is unique on the global scale for all creative industries that use music in their work. Over the coming years, Music x Media will evolve into a foresight forum that supports creativity and the diversity of voices in entertainment and media. At the heart of Music x Media’s brand strategy is the idea that music is a unifying force between different sectors. Music opens up places for growth and creates new value for all who unleash its power in their work. As Music x Media evolves, music will remain a constant aspect, but the surrounding media may change shape.

Based on this idea, we created four different logos, which make bold use of different fonts of the same typeface, to form the cornerstone of Music x Media’s new brand identity. Building the brand on a single, recognisable typeface also makes it possible to harmonise sub-brands – such as Lost in Music and Industry Awards – with the Music x Media brand.