Kaskas is the Natural Resources Institute Finland’s strategic communication partner that understands sustainability issues

Over many years of collaboration, we have helped the institute provide easy-to-understand and interesting information for societal debate and decision-making.

Name of the client: Natural Resources Institute Finland
From 2015 onwards

Client’s needs

The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is a research and expert organisation whose core work, the management of renewable natural resources, is critical to the wellbeing of Finns and adapting to the climate crisis. It is important that Luke’s experts communicate in a way that is easy to understand and that they engage in a debate with the rest of society.

“We wanted to find a partner that has a broad understanding of issues related to the use of natural resources, thinks strategically, comprehends the constantly changing operating and communication environment and the needs of stakeholders,” says Johanna Torkkel, Luke’s Communication Manager.

What we do

Throughout our long strategic communication partnership, we have helped Luke’s projects to provide easy-to-understand and interesting information for public debate and decision-making, identified partners and reached out to stakeholders.

For example, we have:

  • supported research projects managed by Luke in the planning of communication and interaction strategies
  • facilitated researchers’ discussions with organisations and businesses
  • developed Luke’s publications
  • packaged the results of the research into illustrative infographics and recommendations to support decision-making
  • aroused the interest of the general public through multi-channel campaigns and
  • provided researchers with coaching on social debate and influencing.

During the collaboration we have built up a strong understanding of current issues in agriculture and forestry, from peat to invasive alien species and from peatland forests to the wolf conflict.

Have we been successful?

Over the years, we have especially been valued for our support in the planning and facilitating of the networks that are so important for Luke.

We have helped the new Finnish Forest Bioeconomy Science Panel to launch its activities and the SUO project to work with stakeholders in the development of an approach to peatland forest management. With our support, the work carried out by the networks has been focused, easy to monitor and effective.

We have also received good feedback on our support in amplifying the societal impact of research projects. We have helped projects identify the topical issues that are important for decision-makiers and to summarise research findings into an easy to use format.