Making experts into thought leaders through communication coaching

Communication training for experts no longer means individual Twitter seminars, but coaching programs. In addition to communication skills, coaching increases the participants’ self-confidence and courage to communicate.

Client: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Date: 2018–ongoing

Why was the work done?

VTT’s goal is to engage in active dialogue with its stakeholders on themes important to the company, with a human touch. VTT’s slogan is Beyond the obvious, and its experts actively engage in discussion not only within the scientific community, but also in the media and social media. Participating in the discussion requires experts to have the courage and ability to condense their own expertise into understandable stories and examples. 

What did we do?

The DARE thought leadership coaching developed by VTT and implemented with Kaskas combines many important areas of expertise into one coaching program. Its aim is to give experts the tools and capability to build their own thought leadership skills. 

The coaching program includes several training sections, including social media influencing and media coaching.

Learning is based not only on training materials, but also on peer support and team spirit fostered within the group, which carries beyond individual lectures. The training sections, which are spread over several months, were tailored to support VTT’s strategy and the participants’ needs. Experts who have completed the training are able to act as thought leaders and pundits in today’s media environment.

I appreciate the nice feedback, which focused on strengths. Not always easy to see your own strengths.

Coaching participant

A good variety of topics was covered. The coaches had a positive and supportive attitude.

Coaching participant

How did it go?

In the 2020 feedback survey, 86 percent of participants gave the entire coaching the second best rating of 4 and 14 percent gave it the best rating of 5 (on a scale of 1–5, where 1 = did not meet expectations and 5 = exceeded expectations). The DARE coaching included five different training sections, out of which the writing training, presentation training and media training received the most praise. Cooperation with the DARE training continues in 2021.

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